Olga Gómez-Ortiz

University of Cordoba

Styles and Educational Practices: Methodological Implications and Analysis of their Influence on Children and Youth Psychosocial Adjustment

Participants: María Reyes1; Fernando García1; Antonio Raya Trenas2 and Sonia Villarejo1

1University of Valencia; 2University of Cordoba

Symposium Summary

Introduction: This symposium analyses the importance of parental socialization developed through educational styles and practices, examining their contribution to the psychosocial adjustment of their sons and daughters and their methodological implications. The role of educational styles in sexist prejudice during adolescence and in general psychosocial adjustment is analysed. The contribution of educational practices to the prevention of childhood depression is also examined. Lastly, the conceptualization of parental styles is reviewed based on concrete practices in different studies and their methodological implications are highlighted. Methods: The symposium studies use different instruments as indicators of parental educational styles and practices. Huge Spanish samples are analysed, taking as a reference both the perception of parents and children. A meta-analysis of studies published in different contexts from which cultural differences are derived is also carried out. Results: Studies results highlighted that parents' acceptance/involvement practices are crucial to reduce sexist prejudice in their children and support their personal and social adjustment throughout their lives. Specifically, support, satisfaction with parenting, communication and autonomy seem to have a protective effect against the depression of children. The study of relationships between parental practices and styles contextualize these results and apply to Western society, of which Spain is a part. Discussion: Results highlight the crucial role that parents continue to maintain in the development of their children, exercising many of their practices a protective effect for their children, when they are defined in a style in which the implication prevails over the imposition.

Short CV

Assistant Professor PhD (accredited to Hired Doctor Professor by ANECA in 2017) of the Department of Psychology of the University of Cordoba. She has 21 published scientific articles (17 indexed in JCR) and several chapters of books focused much of them in the analysis of parental educational styles and social competence as elements of influence in the development and psychosocial adjustment of children and youth and the involvement in bullying of children. She has taken part in several research projects, currently being the IP of the European BOOST project with reference 755175 (H2020). In her training highlights the realization of two international research stays within the Antibullying centre of the Dublin City University, the enjoyment of a pre-doctoral FPU grant, as well as she was awarded a Juan de la Cierva postdoctoral grant, but she did not accept it, because she accessed her currently teacher position. She obtained the Extraordinary Doctorate Award in the 2015-2016 academic year in the branch of knowledge of Social and Legal Sciences and she was awarded the Leocadio Martín Mingorance Research Prize by the University of Cordoba in the 2016-2017 academic year.

Regarding the teaching work, she taught subjects within the degree of Infant and Primary Education and Psychology, and in the Master of Psychology Applied to Education and Social Welfare, in the Supervision and Management of Centres and in the Erasmus Mundus Master in Play, Education, Toys and Languages (PETaL) (all official Degrees and Postgraduates of the UCO), accumulating more than 900 hours of teaching experience. She has been the coordinator of a project of teaching innovation and evolution, and she has taken part in the development of several of them. She has directed different TFGs, several TFMs with high scores and a doctoral thesis defended in September 2017 that qualified cum Laude.

Concerning the transfer of research results, she has led various contracts related to article 83 of the LOU for collaboration with public or private organizations and aimed at the formation of families and she is the coordinator of a Uco Social Innova Project. Currently, she has been granted two regional sections by the Andalusian Agency of knowledge and she has been taken part of the expert bank of the State Research Agency since 2017.

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