Rebeca Cerezo

University of Oviedo

New Challenges in Higher Education for the 21st Century.

Participants: Ana B. Bernardo1; Trinidad García1; Estrella Fernández Alba1

1University of Oviedo

Symposium Summary

Introduction: The present symposium aims to address some of challenges which are presented to students, professors and university institutions in an increasingly changing educational context in which emerge new needs, such as the prevention of university drop-outs; the demands for autonomy and self-regulation imposed by the already consolidated virtual learning environments; the proliferation of new instructional methodologies such as the inverted class; or the need to address traditionally less attended in the classroom, such as emotional regulation of teachers and students. Methods: four empirical studies are presented whose participants were university or post-university samples that, through different methodological approaches, try to shed light on these issues. Results: each of the studies obtains results that do not always confirm the initial hypotheses but contribute to broadening the debate and scientific evidence on each of the topics addressed. Discussion: in each of the four communications, results obtained are discussed and some conclusions and implications for educational practice are drawn.

This work has been funded by the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan of the Government of the Principality of Asturias (FC-GRUPIN-IDI/2018/000199).

Short CV
Lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Oviedo and member of the ADIR research group since 2007. Her research interests are focused on metacognition and self-regulation of behaviour and Educational Data Mining. She has transferred results of her studies through a good number of projects, books and articles in national and international publications and she is responsible for the editorial management of Psicothema journal since 2015. During this time she has also worked at the University of Minho (Portugal), at the University of California (San Francisco, United States), at the SMART Lab-Laboratory for the Study of Metacognition and Advanced Learning Technologies at McGill University (Canada), and at the LATTE Lab-Laboratory of Learning & Affect Technologies Engineering at the University from Sydney (Australia), as a PhD student, post-doctoral researcher, and visiting lecturer.
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