Rosario Cabello

University of Granada

Emotional Competencies that Promote Personal and Social Adjustment

Participants: María José Gutiérrez-Cobo1; Raquel Gómez-Leal1; Alberto Vega2; María T. Sánchez-López1

1University of Malaga; 2University of Granada

Symposium Summary

This symposium seeks to analyse the latest empirical advances in the field of emotional competencies in relation to the personal and social adjustment of adolescents and young adults. In our educational system, it seems to be increasingly accepted the notion that emotional competencies are determinant if we want to educate in a global and inclusive way and that they must be part of this. However, in order to introduce "the emotional" into education, we must rely as much as possible on what empirical evidence offers us. Therefore, the set of research that we present in this symposium seeks to add up in this sense.

Specifically, first of all, we want to show how an emotional competence as relevant as empathy evolves throughout the life cycle. Secondly, we study the protective factors that predict aggressive behaviour in order to know how to develop more specific interventions. Thirdly, through a meta-analysis, we investigate the relationship between Emotional Intelligence (EI), or the ability to perceive, understand and regulate emotions, and aggressive behaviour in adolescence. Finally, we will show the results of a systematic review that tries to clarify the relationship between EI and the development of risk behaviours in adolescents.

Short CV

Senior Lecturer in the area of Developmental and Educational Psychology at the University of Granada, she is member of the Laboratory of Emotions of the University of Malaga and of the International Society for Emotional Intelligence.

Her line of research is focused on the study and development of Emotional Intelligence programmes from childhood to adulthood, on the development of assessment tools of emotional skills and on the analysis of gender and age differences in the evolution of EI and on the Affective Theory of Mind. Researcher in numerous international, national and regional research projects of excellence. She is the author of scientific publications in national and international journals of high visibility and impact (

Among her published books are "Intemo Program: Guide to improve emotional intelligence of adolescents” and “Intemo+ Program: Improve emotional intelligence of adolescents " both in Pirámide. She teaches in different official and own Master’s Degree, and in numerous training courses in educational, health and business organizations to develop emotional and social skills.


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