Sylvia Sastre I Riba

University of La Rioja

Expression of High Intellectual Capacity: Predictive Biological Factors and Functional

Participants: María Luz Urraca Martínez1; Lourdes Viana Sáenz1; Ramon Cladellas Pros1; Gema Conchero Moriana1; Christopher Perleth2

1University of La Rioja; 2University of Rostock (Germany)

Symposium Abstract

Recent research redefines high intellectual capacity (HIC) as opposed to the traditional monolithic and static concept, based on its heritability and identification through high IQ. The concept is redefined by substitutingreplacing it with another one in which HIC is a complex phenomenon of genetic and environmental nature, multidimensional, diverse, mouldable, dynamic and developing, resulting from the covariation along the development between endogenous and exogenous forces, which modulate (modulating factors) and differentiate the high potential (predictive factor) in competences towards the optimal expression, or not, of eminence in adulthood. The HIC is the conjunction of biological diversity of departure (the high potential), a psychological diversity (exploitation of biological resources in useful functions and knowledge), and a contextual diversity configured by different family conditions, and socio-cultural and economic contexts.

The objective of the symposium is to present some results on the predictive and modulating factors of HIC, from a neuro-constructivist perspective.

Short CV

Director of the Department of Educational Sciences at the University of La Rioja. Professor of Developmental and Educational Psychology at the University of La Rioja. Academic Director of the Official Master's Degree in Educational Intervention and Innovation at the University of La Rioja. Co-director of the University Master’s Degree in Neuropsychology of Advanced Intellectual Capacity at the University of La Rioja. Co-director of the University Master’s Degree Autism Spectrum Disorders at the University of La Rioja. Academic Director of the Summer Course an Educational Model for the Development of High Capacity: The differentiated curriculum at the University of La Rioja. PI of the EICUR Research Group (Cognitive Research at the University of La Rioja).

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