Raquel Conchell Diranzo

University of Valencia

Institution: University of Valencia

Participants: Celeste Marcela León Moreno1; Mª Victoria Lorenzo López2

1Pablo de Olavide University; 2University of Valencia

Symposium Summary

During this symposium, the various forms in which violence manifests itself in the 21st century will be analysed. Analyzing, valuing and deepening the scenarios of violence is necessary for the research process, favoring strategies based on evidence.

We know that violence against women continues being, at present, one of the scourges of our society, the figures speak for themselves, and far from decreasing, it crosses generations. The Context-A Programme (Programme of intervention in gender violence in young people with judicial measures) will be presented, its elaboration will be detailed and some research results will be provided.

In addition, one of the awareness-raising actions carried out by the Context programme (Programme for Research, Training, Intervention, and Prevention of Gender Violence through Work with the Aggressor) will be offered, the campaign #ElijoQuerer: "For violence-free relationships", whose objective is to make men who have violent behaviour aware of the importance of initiating a process of change, making visible the spaces where they can obtain help and learn to interact with their partner in a respectful and positive way.

An innovative intervention tool in Spain, the Individualized Motivational Plan (PMI in Spanish), will be offered, showing its potential to improve standard intervention programs with abusers. It is currently applied, at a national and international level, in interventions with populations resistant to change.

The links between guilt, loneliness, and victimization among peers based on the gender of the adolescent will be explored. Answering fundamental questions such as: To what extent are loneliness and victimization among peers relevant in explaining guilt feelings in adolescence? Are there any gender differences?

Short CV

Professor of psychology and psychopedagogy, currently at the Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences of the University of Valencia. She has been part of the Context Programme team (Research, Training, and Intervention Programme on Gender Violence through work with the aggressor) since its beginning in 2006. She is currently a Supervisor. She has participated in numerous educational research and innovation projects. Speaker at various national and international conferences. She has participated in workshops in different areas: education, health and social services. She has numerous publications in prestigious journals, books and monographs. Co-author of training and teaching material on gender violence in different universities. She belongs to the PSIMA Association (Social Professionals in the Intervention of Maltreatment) created in 2009, where she is currently a member of the scientific committee and the area of economic management. She has a huge experience in psychosocial intervention in gender violence. Currently, her scientific work is focused on the Context-A Programme (Programme of intervention in gender violence in youth with judicial measures). Collaborator of the #ElijoQuerer campaign "For relationships free of violence" aimed at raising awareness among men who present violent behaviour about the importance of initiating a process of change.

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