Manuel Moyano Pacheco

University of Cordoba

Preventing and Dealing with Violent Radicalisation

Participants: Michelle Blaya Burgo1; Manuel J. Bejarano Bueno1; Irene González Jiménez2; Roberto M. Lobato3

1Universisity of Cordoba; 2University of  Barcelona3Fundación Euroárabe de Altos Estudios

Symposium Summary

Violent extremism is a social problem of growing concern that generates uncertainty, polarization, and suffering in all corners of the planet.

This symposium will address the following aspects, among others: (1) relevant theoretical-conceptual perspectives, both classical and emerging, as well as different explanatory models; (2) analysis of the factors contributing to violent extremism and radicalisation; (3) field research carried out in favourable contexts to radicalization processes; and, (4) comparative studies on the variables associated with the intention of activism and radicalism in different collectives, social groups, and cultures. The symposium will facilitate the debate on the above aspects, emphasizing the available knowledge on risk assessment tools, existing good practices in preventing radicalization and addressing the demobilization of radicals and terrorists. Special attention will be given to youth, assuming that this developmental stage is crucial for implementing preventive and comprehensive strategies.

Short CV

Manuel Moyano is a lecturer in Psychology at the University of Cordoba. He has a PhD in Psychology (2011) from the University of Granada (Extraordinary Award). He has been a researcher in projects funded by START Centre, European Union, Spanish Ministry of Defence, Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Cabinet of Internal Security Studies, MADOC or the Spanish State Centre for School Convivencia. He is a member of the group of experts of RAN Europe (Radicalisation Awareness Network), of the European Commission.

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