Itziar Alonso-Arbiol

University of The Basque Country

Dating violence, psychological well-being, and gender research in different contexts and cultures 

Participants: María Dosil Santamaría1; Sandra Nieto-González2; Marcela Gracia-Leiva1; Laura Aguilera Ávila3

1University of The Basque Country; 2University of Burgos; 3University of La Laguna

Symposium Summary

Dating Violence (DV), in any of its physical, psychological and/or sexual kinds, constitutes a prevalent social problem in adolescence, which has a negative impact on health and is associated with lower well-being among victims. In this symposium, some recent researches that analyze the phenomenon from perpetration’s as well as victimization’s perspective for a greater understanding of DV to contribute to its eradication will be presented. Researchers will present results about the relationships among DV perpetration, control, dominance and affects (positive and negative) in adolescent and young men, as well as suffered DV, power in relationship and different strategies to change the DV situation (direct instrumental, psychological neglect, social isolation, and social support) and DV impact in well-doing.  Violence perpetration behaviour among adolescents in residential care will be also analyzed, which are associated with sexist attitudes and other clinical variables. The social norm which accepts DV in different countries and transcultural differences will also be analyzed in this symposium.

Short CV

Ph.D. in Psychology by the University of The Basque Country (UPV / EHU) and expert in Sexology by the University of Alcala de Henares. Associate professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of The Basque Country. She is a member of the consolidated research group "Culture, Cognition and Emotion" (IT1187-19) funded by the Basque Government; within it, she is the coordinator of the team that develops researches about attachment and family relationships and of adult and adolescent couple, with a special emphasis on processes of psychological evaluation and taking into account gender and cross-cultural perspectives. She has been the supervisor of 5 funded doctoral theses (and another 2 more are in progress), as well as several research projects funded by different organizations. She is a regular evaluator of national and European projects call. She collaborates regularly with members of different national and international research centers. She has written a hundred publications, including book chapters and scientific papers (33 of them in JCR indexed journals). She has been the secretary of the European Association of Psychological Assessment and Associate Editor of the International European Journal of Psychological Assessment. She is currently a member of the Editorial Committees of the Journal of Well-Being Assessment, Interpersonal, and Know and Share Psychology, and of the EAPA Book Series.

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