David Álvarez García

University of Oviedo

Cyber-aggression among teenagers: Prevalence, risk factors and consequences

Participants: Alejandra Barreiro Collazo1; Zara Suárez García1 and Andrea Núñez2

1University of Oviedo; 2Universty of Almeria

Symposium Summary

This symposium consists of four papers, in which some of the most relevant recent advances in the study of cyber-aggression among adolescents, developed by the research group School Learning, Difficulties and Academic Performance (ADIR), from the University of Oviedo, will be presented. In the first presentation, a conceptual delimitation of the problem will be made and a questionnaire to evaluate cyberaggression (CYBA) and another one to evaluate cyber-victimization (CYVIC) among adolescents, based on the previously presented theoretical model, will be presented. In the second presentation, the prevalence of cyber-aggression among adolescents will be discussed, contrasting the data obtained by the research group itself with the most relevant previous evidence. In the third presentation, risk factors of being a victim of cyber-aggression during adolescence will be analysed, which should serve as a reference for designing prevention programmes and for early detection. Finally, in the fourth presentation, the consequences of cyber-aggression among adolescents will be analysed, focusing mainly on the effect of being a victim on self-esteem and future relational difficulties (shyness / social anxiety). The studies presented in this symposium, carried out by the ADIR group, have been funded by the Government of the Principality of Asturias (Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation 2018-2022) and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund - ERDF) (Ref. FCGRUPINIDI/2018/000199); as well as by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities (Ref. MCIU-19-PGC2018-097739-B-I00).

Short CV

Professor in the area of Developmental and Educational Psychology at the University of Oviedo. He currently teaches in the Degree of Teacher in Primary Education; the University Master in Research and Innovation in Early Childhood and Primary Education; and the Master of Teacher Training in Secondary Education, at the University of Oviedo. Member of the research group on School Learning, Difficulties and Academic Performance (ADIR). He has participated in research projects such as "Analysis of convivencia in educational centres in the Principality of Asturias", "Risk factors associated with cyber-victimisation in adolescence" or "Training of future teachers in the face of school violence". At present, he is the PI of the project "Keys for the prevention of school rejection and bullying among students in Primary Education", funded by the State Research Agency (Ref. MCIU-19-PGC2018-097739-B-I00). He is co-author of instruments for the evaluation of school coexistence, such as the CUVE3 questionnaires (Ed. Albor-Cohs, 2012), and of cyberbullying among students, such as the CYVIC and CYBA questionnaires; as well as the intervention programme Aprende a Resolver Conflictos (ARCO) (Ed. CEPE, 2007). In the last five years, he has published research articles in scientific journals such as Aggression and Violent Behaviour, Anales de Psicología, Comunicar, Computers in Human Behaviour, Educación XXI, European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Context, Frontiers in Psychology, International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, Infancia y Aprendizaje or Psicothema. Editorial Manager of the Journal of Psychology and Education.

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