Inmaculada Sureda García

University of Balearic Islands

Language acquisition difficulties and bullying

Participants: Maria Teresa Chamizo-Nieto1; Cirenia Quintana-Orts2; Diego Gómez-Baya3; Carolina Yudes1

1University of Malaga; 2University of Jaen; 3University of Huelva

Symposium Summary

Previous studies have indicated that students with language development difficulties (LDD) exhibit difficulties at the social level (Valera-Pozo, Buil-Legaz, Rigo-Carratalà, Casero-Martínez, & Aguilar-Mediavilla, 2016), such as poor social relationships, peer rejection, maladaptive behaviour, and being bullied or victimized (Durkin & Conti-Ramsden, 2010; Rice, 2016). Our current studies address the relationship between social interaction problems and language difficulties, assessing possible intra- and interpersonal factors that may mediate bullying (EDU2017-85909-P).

Therefore, this symposium presents four lines of work on various aspects related to the LDD and its possible consequences on social relationships and different variables of a social-emotional nature. First of all, the symposium shows the importance of analysing these issues, specifying which are the objectives, study variables and their assessment. The second communication explores the social-emotional behaviour of students with LDD in a Primary Education context, identifying facilitating and inhibiting aspects of socialization. The third communication discusses the reputation degree of the LDD students in the peer group, and which victimization, aggression and pro-socialization behaviours are manifested within the Primary Education class group. Finally, the fourth presentation analyses the relationship between LDD, together with several variables that affect the risk of school bullying in Primary Education students.

Short CV

Senior lecturer of the Developmental and Educational Psychology Area at the University of the Balearic Islands. She currently teaches the subject Development and Social-Emotional Education in the Education Studies Degree. Researcher in the field of social-emotional education, her publications include: How to improve self-concept (2001), Tutorial Action to promote convivencia. Social Skills Module (2001), Social Skills Program in Compulsory Secondary Education (2004), Rejection between equals in a super interpersonal context, The reject among peers in a super interpersocial context l (2014), and several articles on these topics. She is currently co-director of the Master's Degree in Emotional Skills and Director of the Postgraduate Degree in Teaching and Professional Applications of Emotional Skills. She has been a member of the GREI group (inter-university peer reject group). At the moment, she works as a member and researcher in the research group I + DEL (Research, Development, Education and Language) of the Institute for Educational Research and Innovation (Irie) of the UIB.

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