África Borges del Rosal

University of La Laguna

Educational Response to High Ability Students

Participants: Serafina Castro Zamudio1; Leire Aperribai2; Ana Fuensanta Hernández3;

Triana Aguirre4

1University of Malaga; 2University of Deusto; 3University of Murcia; 4University of La Laguna

Symposium Summary

It has become clear that students with high intellectual capacities require a specific educational response which, while considering their needs, also promotes and develops their potential, both in the academic and socio-affective fields. This involves both teacher training in this specialty and the design of both intra-curricular and extra-curricular programmes. In this symposium, various experiences carried out by specialists in the field of high abilities are presented, both with regard to teacher training and to the implementation of extracurricular programmes for students at all educational levels.

Short CV

She is Professor at the University of La Laguna in the area of Methodology of Behavioural Sciences, where she teaches Methodology subjects in undergraduate and master's degrees (Psychometry, Fundamentals of Research and Programmes Evaluation). She is the designer and director of the Integral Programme for High Abilities (PIPAC), intended for high ability students and their families, which has been annually developed since the 2003-04 academic year at the ULL; she collaborates with the COMPARTE-ULL Mentorship Programme, focused on promoting scientific vocations; she coordinates the ATENEA-ULL Programme, aimed at high ability university students, whose objective is to strengthen their motivation, as well as to open new fields of interest. She is the director of the International Network for Research, Intervention and Evaluation in High Capacity, which brings together experts from Europe and America. She directs the journal Talento, Inteligencia y Creatividad, which is published online at the University of Guadalajara (Mexico). His research focuses on high abilities, programmes evaluation, and observational methodology. She has directed eight doctoral theses, four of them in the field of high intellectual abilities, as well as various final degree and master's theses, and is currently co-directing two master's theses in two Mexican universities and four doctoral theses at the ULL. She is the President of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference on Overview of Intervention in High Abilities, which is organized every two years at the ULL and the next edition will be in 2021. She has a long experience in research, having published several books and book chapters, as well as a wide range of scientific articles.

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