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Welcome President of ACIPE

Juan Fernández Sánchez
Juan Fernández SánchezPresident of ACIPE

ACIPE (The Scientific Association of Psychology and Education) is holding its 10th International Congress of Psychology and Education in the beautiful, culturally-rich city of Cordoba (Spain). In the past, we have always had large numbers of participants (around a thousand) interested in and registered for the congresses, and occasionally this number was much higher. This makes us both very grateful and increasingly aware of the responsibility of striving to keep up our high standards, from both an academic and professional points of view, as well as in the organization of the event. We owe this to all the participants, for their fidelity, collaboration and appreciation for this academic and social event run by our Association.

Up to now, one single person has been responsible for organizing the congress. For this year’s congress, to the impressive record of research and teaching experience of Rosario Ortega, (Professor of Educational Psychology who is one of the leading national and international researcher in the field), we have decided to add the skills of her departmental colleague, Dr Romera. She is a recognised scholar who contributed greatly to the field of Developmental and Educational Psychology, going by the significant contributions she has published so far, which are sure to go from strength to strength in the future as she delves further into this field.

In this year’s congress, as always (and the Programme bears faithful testimony to this), we will attempt to address, together, a number of current topics of academic and professional interest, within the broad framework of Psychology and Education. To achieve this, we have the pleasure to welcome leading researchers, teachers and professionals from all over Spain, other neighbouring countries in Europe and globally (such as United States or Canada), in addition to those countries which are related to us by a common language (Latin America).

Although a certain degree of preference must be given to members of ACIPE, our congress, like all the others held by this Association, which is a part of COSCE (Confederation of Scientific Societies of Spain), is aimed at and designed for the benefit of everyone who is interested in Psychology and Education, from undergraduate and postgraduate students to working professionals or those who work as full-time teachers or researchers. Over the three days of the congress, we want to encourage the establishment of genuine teaching and learning communities. Of course, there will also be time to strengthen bonds of friendships between colleagues and enjoy the charms and attractions of Cordoba and the surrounding area.

We look forward to welcoming you to the congress, and sincerely hope that it will live up to, or even exceed, your expectations. I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

Welcome Chair of the Congress

Eva M. Romera Félix
Eva M. Romera FélixChair of the Congress
X International Congress on Psychology and Education

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to the 10th International Congress of Psychology and Education to be held in Cordoba in June 2020. After the resounding success of previous congresses, the Scientific Association of Psychology and Education (ACIPE, in Spanish) has promoted this new opportunity for an academic and professional meeting to exchange views, ideas, experiences and advances from the latest research in the fields of Psychology and Education.

The slogan of this Congress: "From Neural to Social Networks: Wellbeing and Convivencia", takes as its starting point the neuro-psychological viewpoint which emerged from the 2018 Logroño Congress and aims to delve deeper in the broad domain of the social, emotional and moral world of the complex human network, which is at the core of school and family convivencia, on which the process of education and socializing is based. The support provided by the academic and professional community for ACIPE in its last few congresses and its consolidation as a scientific society have allowed us to build up a sizeable Scientific Support Network to back up this Congress. The Scientific Committee is presided by Rosario Ortega Ruiz, and is made up of a team of leading national and international researchers. We have organised an attractive program featuring prestigious guest speakers and a wide range of scientific activities including conferences, panels of experts, invited symposia, oral communications and posters. The six thematic areas are aimed at offering a response to current issues being discussed by researchers in Educational Psychology: (1) Neuropsychology. Cognition and socialization; (2) Educational Psychology. Guidance, intervention and assessment; (3) Affective factors and social life in the classroom: convivencia in schools; (4) Cyberbehaviour: from e-learning to social networks; (5) Gender, sexuality and violence; and (6) Family, education and society. Through these topics, we would be delighted to receive the scientific and professional community members who aim to advance knowledge in psychology and education though their contributions to the Congress in Córdoba.

Córdoba is a friendly, welcoming city, with a blend of history, culture and tradition, backed up by efficient services and a delicious local cuisine. The City of the Three Cultures is an ideal setting in which to share, learn, enjoy, imagine and create knowledge, professional networks and bonds of friendship. In our exciting social program, we will show you the charming courtyards brimming with flowers known as the ‘patios’, the narrow winding streets with their surprising individual details, the impressive sights of the city, and above all, the kind-heartedness and great wisdom enshrined in the historical traditions of this city. Be ready to present your work in historic buildings, with over five centuries of history, situated in the heart of the Jewish quarter.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Córdoba. All our enthusiasm and commitment has gone towards helping you to enjoy the 10th CIPE and your stay in this charming city.

Key dates

February 15th, 2020

Abstract submission deadline

from March 20th, 2020

Notification of acceptance

April 14th, 2020

Early registration deadline


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